Never Never Land

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“Move out of your comfort zone, you can only grow if you are willing to feel awkward and uncomfortable when you learn something new”-Unknown

I am doing something new this week that I have never tried.  Split boarding.  I am an experienced snowboarder and love to explore the backcountry on my skidoo.  My confidence level on my snowboard is very high so I thought that learning my way around a split board would be easy… I was mistaken.

I have been thrown out of my comfort zone and in a place where I am needed to ask for help.  I am used to having one solid piece of equipment; no fooling around.  Now I have two pieces to my board, clips, bindings (that I have to muscle on and off), poles and skins.  I know I can learn all the details but all of a sudden my “fun” hobby is becoming challenging.  Isn’t it so much easier to knock things off your list that are fun or easy?  When things are easy and I can make those check marks on my to do list and feel accomplished and if the things I did were very mundane.  Now this thing I love and that was easy and fun for me has become more difficult.

Thank to the local board shop and all star employee Andrew I have most of the learning figured out.  I take my new board home with all the pieces put together so nicely and figure that I should practice taking it apart and putting it together a few times before I am in the mountains away from wifi where I can just google my way out of a mess.  I take it apart no problem.  I re mount my bindings like a pro and I’m feeling so much confidence.  Ive got this. This is easy!  Then the skins.. I have herd that they can be tricky but I didn’t realize how tricky they really were.  After about 20 mins of sticking and unsticking the skins I finally have it all together.

My fun hobby became hard and scary but I was determined to figure it out.  I am really happy that I decided to try this B E F O R E  I was in the middle of the Rockies with no wifi.  Again this week I knocked something off my list that was fun.  That’s why were here on this earth is to have fun right?  “We weren’t just born to pay bills and die”- unknown.  Now that I have checked a dozen things off my list; fun and scary my bigger more daunting task is becoming more realistic to achieve.

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