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Being that I am a risk taker and a doer all the time – and probably should have been a poker player – I thought I would tell you about something that my daughter, who is extremely quiet and shy, learned today.

I find that anything my children learn brings also a sense of accomplishment and confidence to me too – knowing that I am being the best mother that I can be.

A few months ago a dear friend gifted us with a new baby horse named Sir from.  Going to her ranch in Saskatoon to buy a horse with my children and seeing that I like to say YES and am always up for something new and exciting, we came home with two horses.  Oops. One was not even rideable.  Now, if you know how busy we are with all the kids activities and a business that runs out of our home, you would think we were insane.  After a lot of thought – and two youngsters in tears – we drove the eleven hours home, with two fabulous horses.

I will say, had this baby horse not been from a friend, who is very well known to raise amazing and easy going horses, I may have thought twice.  I knew though, that because of his exceptional breeding, this little guy would have a good start.  Off we went thrilled to pieces to get home to train a yearling from scratch.  What a way for my kids to learn something new, to build their confidence,  to have fun, tho be challenged and to build a friendship for life.

Since we have had Sir at our home home, w havee hauled him to Gymkanas and lead him on short trail rides through the mountains.  The kids have taught him to lunge, have his feet trimmed, stand tied quietly, go over tarps and bridges and through water.  They have loved him and taken him through more obstacles than most horses see in a lifetime.  I had to stand back after showing them how to do these things safely and let them learn together.

My son has saddled and bridled this horse.  He has sat on him, driven him and even got on him.  He is an incredible rider, has no fear and has a ton of connection with animals.  He out-rides me more often than I’d like to admit in barrel races and pole runs so I had no doubt he’d love working with this horse.  It would be new but easy for him.  My daughter on the other hand, is a very quiet and shy rider, who would rather never ride fast or push her horse to try something new.  She rides a very old and mellow horse and that is what she is comfortable with.

Today she asked me if she could get on Sir after our trail ride.  I wanted to say no.  I wanted to make an excuse.  My worry was that if it didn’t go smoothly – which is often the case with such a young horse – she would never want to ride again…

I said YES.

I put her up on him and I undid the lead rope.  She grinned from ear to ear.  I grinned because I had to try not to show that my heart was beating out of my chest.  Stay calm and ride on.  She had him turning left, right, stopping and backing up in about two minutes.  He was thrilled to have her play with him and he was a total gentleman and took care of his friend well.  They looked so happy together.  They were super connected and I can’t wait until the next time she asks me to ride him.  I will not hesitate next time.  I see how it has changed her.

He is teaching her to trust him and she needs more of that to live a happy and successful life.

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