Just Breathe 101

 In Consciously Woman

Stress Busting.

Oh I think we all know this feeling too well. We also know that being stressed is bad for us and our bodies, not to mention the people around us.

I was “a yesser.” Is this a word? Probably not, but it makes sense in this situation.
A yesser: someone who is allergic to saying no. It’s the fear of hurting the other persons feelings, or in another situation, a desire to lend a hand and help in anyway they can.

In the past I have been guilty of agreeing to things, and then becoming so overwhelmed that I turn into a ball of stress. Now, one of the ways I manage my stress is to evaluate the situation before saying yes! If I am available to help out, I will, but I will no longer allow myself to be over-compromised in order to help someone else. I come first, and so does my family.

I find that starting my day off in a relaxed and happy mind frame helps me to remain calm, and keep my stress levels down. Especially on those busy mornings rushing to get to school on time. I wake up at least 30 – 60 minutes before the kids get up. I sit and drink my coffee alone, listen to music, read a chapter of a book, journal, work on my blog or just have kitty cuddles – whatever I feel like. I make this an essential part of my everyday routine.

If I’m having a day that is crammed with errands, laundry, cleaning, grocery shopping and trying to beat the clock, I make sure I have my favourite music playing in my car (sometimes I even sing and have my own private concert). I stop for a delicious snack and good cup of tea at a local coffee shop (feeding my soul), or I set aside 15 minutes before picking up the kids to just shut my eyes and revamp. In any case, I’m making sure I’m finding time every day to “just breathe!”

Bubble baths at the end of the day, a nice glass of wine beside the fireplace, walks in the trees with my pup, or a cup of tea with an episode of Friends. Whatever it is, finding ways to reduce stress means I’m taking care of myself and putting myself first, so that I can love and support my family and friends.

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