It’s a Matter of Choosing All Possibility

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I did a physical vision board once a few years back and I still have it. I did the classical thing of cutting out pictures and words from all kinds of magazines.  Off the top of my head I would say those things didn’t come true. But now as I have the vision board right in front of me I have to revise that statement. Some of them didn’t come into my life yet, yes, but a lot of them just didn’t come into being the way I thought they would. Now that’s quite a big difference! It’s values like creativity, time, balance, contentment, believing in myself, variety, working with women, mentoring, expressing love, self discovery etc. that were created by totally different means than I had in mind when I first created that vision board. And of course I didn’t incorporate these values within myself perfectly, but looking at that board now makes me joyfully realize HOW far I’ve come! What an accomplishment and what a great reason to feel really proud of myself.

One of the cut outs is a picture of Michelle Pfeiffer. I’ve always liked her and think she’s a great actress, but I love this picture of hers even more for how utterly content she looks. I remember that this was the picture that held the greatest meaning for me, when I created that board, as that’s what I wanted to become: being content with myself and who I am. And now four years later I look at it again and I can see I am that: more and more content with myself. To be honest: these days I am somewhat in love with myself. How I can tell? E.g. by the way I look at myself in the bathroom mirror. 🙂

Speaking of the bathroom mirror: I love to have inspirational quotes and daily reminders around me. And one of my most favourite places for them is my bathroom mirror. I put pictures there, I write something on it, quotes, affirmations, current insights. I even keep white board markers right at my mirror so I can change things up quickly.

The other place I use to remind me of what I am working on is my cell phone. I got that idea from an energy healer some years back. Usually I keep two different things on the lock screen and on the home screen. Currently I have a picture of myself as the home screen. No, I am not narcissistic, it’s rather that I am currently very focused on self love and I didn’t have a picture of myself that I love as much as this one in years (it’s the one I posted a few weeks back when talking about intentions). So I use it as a daily reminder to send myself some loving! And the lock screen these days says “Better things are coming.” reminding me of two things: a) not to settle for things that are just o.k. when I can wait and work a little more to get something really awesome and b) to trust that there ARE better things coming no matter how unlikely they seem to be at the moment.

It’s interesting for me to see what a powerful influence these things have on my life, even without meditating or visualizing about them every day. I think it’s a matter of choosing which of all the possibilities that are out there I want for myself and allowing the regular visual input to help me focus without me even really being aware of it which makes it so delightfully easy!

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