Horsing Around

 In Consciously Woman

I am grateful for my friend Kim who is visiting me who is up for anything including horseback riding.  She is happy doing anything.  I love her spirit.  Yesterday after riding the horses we went for a soak with the kids and another high school friend at Fairmont Hot Springs after.

I am also grateful to finally have my own acreage where the horses are close and I can check on them and visit them easily.  I used to always board my horses out and it was difficult to get there to see them often.

Today it is -32.  Ridiculously cold for this area.  I left Winnipeg for a reason.  I am grateful to have lots of hay, alfalfa cubes and grain for the horses as well as winter blankets to help keep them warm.  I am also grateful they have shelter and are close by to chip the ice out of their feet a few times a day.  (the ice balls up under their feet in this weather and makes walking very uncomfortable and slippery).

I am grateful for the love and energy I can give them and that they give me in return.

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