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I am blossoming in the way I treat my body. Very often I didn’t take good care of it in various ways. Last year I started with something simple such as drinking 2 liters or more of water daily which by now has become a no brainer. What amazed me is how positively my body reacted to such a “minor” change.

As recommended by my homeopath I am currently tackling my sugar consumption. I am a sweet tooth, always been, probably always will be. That and the habit to sweeten the unpleasant sides of life with sugar make this endeavour a tricky one. In addition to that I have tried it a couple of times already and never could uphold it long-term. That doesn’t help my mind to believe in achieving it this time. But just like other addicts I take it one day at a time for right now.

Nevertheless when I heard my homeopath say I probably should get off of sugar for six months, the mere idea seemed ridiculous to me. Not that it’s not a good idea, that I knew, but that it would be possible for me. And yes, of course I have slipped a few times and probably will do so in the future, but I am still amazed at the changes I’ve implemented. I am not using any regular sugar in my foods anymore. If I sweeten I use honey in moderate amounts. I have skipped any regular sweets and bought chocolate with 99% cocoa instead, which means approximately 1gr of sugar per 100gr chocolate, with the amazing result that just a few little pieces are enough in case of a serious chocolate craving. I am drinking pure water, water with some lemon or other fruits and veggies for a little taste or tea. I’ve skipped any juice. I am mostly down to one serving of fruit a day for now. I’m cutting out most foods with added sugar, and if I eat them, such as canned fish (it’s crazy to how many of our foods sugar is added, even in foods you’d never expect it!), I try to have them very moderately.

Plus being the gourmet that I am I have learned to make a few marvellous healthy desserts that work with just a little honey. Mousse au chocolat, avocado honey ice cream, frozen peanut butter fudge, to name just a few. They are yummy and they are treats, and I need that every so often.

It’s amazing, challenging and rewarding to be on this journey. I might not live like that for the rest of my life, but every day I live like that is beneficial for my body, makes me more aware of the connection of mind aka thoughts and moods and body aka cravings, shows me I can be determined enough to move towards a worthwhile goal despite the people I might be dining with having buttery fluffy caramelized shredded pancakes = Kaiserschmarrn whose wonderful aromas very quickly find the way into my nostrils, etc.!! (Little side note: If any of you ladies ever come to my part of the world you should screw any diet you are on and have some!) 🙂

Next stop: improving sleeping habits!

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