For the Asking

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I’m the Queen of my domain … oh, and have i mentioned that my domain is usually busy working on helping all the other kings and queens out with their domains.

So, I did the thing I don’t ever do. I freakin’ ‘asked’! I don’t ask much so this is quite the big step for me.

I decided I really do need to ‘gets me’ some lovin’!

In fact, I got on the phone earlier today and just started making calls and texting people. I asked my friend for very specific cookies … Kelly’s in Burlington have the closest thing to healthy cookies and my friend makes cookie clones! Hello Skinny cookie and World Peace cookie copies that are better than the original!

I sent out a text to every nephew and niece (except for the three year-old because she intimidates the hell out of me and doesn’t have a phone) to send me a Valentine’s Day card because they never do and I’m their favourite aunt for a reason, damn it! Yes for realsies!

I’ve informed my brother that he owes me about a billion and I’m collecting on one. I laughed through it as if to say ‘haha, just kidding’ but I’m really not. Cook for me, damn it, on a night this week that isn’t Valentine’s Day. Other than my mom, he’s the best cook in the family!

I also have a scheduled play date with an eight and six year old. This may sound like torture for some but it is entirely my doing. I love playing the evil ‘Red Hulk’ to their Green Hulk, Batman or Spiderman! Anyone else would think I’m out of my mind but not these kids … they think I’m cool! The eight year-old called to remind me to wear a red shirt.

My sister offered to take me to the Millcroft Inn for my birthday. I didn’t let her forget this time … instead I told her to book it!

There were a few other things, but the point is I asked to be spoiled a little. I did it in a playful non-offensive way, but I did it. These requests are very difficult for me to make, but hey, sometimes it feels good to live by… “ask and you shall receive.”

So in the name of self-love I’m working on honing the skill of asking!

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