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When do I feel like “I got it going on?” When I make lists. There is something very satisfying for me in placing that tiny little check mark beside something I needed to get done. Even more so than the act of of doing the task. From a very young age I have always made lists. I liked the way I could incorporate some control into my life, when so many things were beyond my decision making abilities at the time. Sometimes those lists would even include things like wake up, eat breakfast, make your bed, etc. As I got older and then had children, lists went out the window. I wasn’t able to accomplish those all important check marks, and I gave up. Life was chaotic; I needed my lists. I didn’t realize it in the midst of the chaos, but when I finally took the time to contemplate why I didn’t feel successful, lacking to say the least, I came to the conclusion that lists were what was missing. I returned to the handy dandy notebook and many things fell into place.

There is a level of disappointment that can come with making lists and not being able to check things off, but I’ve learned to be grateful when I’m able to move them to the next day as required. Many more positive things can come from making lists though. When I reach a crossroads in life I like to create a pros and cons list; many things become much more clear to me when I see them in the written form. It’s too easy to scramble things up in my head, especially as an over-thinker. When it’s on a page in clear view, there are many times I have looked at the grossly lopsided positives and smiled with the realization that it was obviously meant to be. I truly believe that if you really want something you have to work for it. I also believe, as I’ve gotten older and wiser, that how I work to get what I want doesn’t always need to involve blood, sweat and tears. I still prefer that method as it gives me such a sense of accomplishment knowing “I did it”, but my body isn’t always in agreement.

Being a list driven person has made me a reliable friend, family member, and a great business person. I like to complete things in a timely fashion, be there when I say I will be, and schedule others’ needs into my life. The time that it takes for me to create my list doesn’t take away from these things, it only adds to them. Whatever your method of organization is, I say embrace it. Take a few minutes each day to set yourself up for success. Each day with time well spent is a building block to an ultimate life!

Written by: Jodi Clark

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