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To me getting things done has more to do with balance than with the amount of time given.  I find that in order to successfully get things done on a continual basis i needed to first find a balance in all aspects of my life; work, family chores and fun.

When I thought about this weeks topic I knew that I did not have just one task that I needed to get done but a collection of tasks from each area in my life.  The biggest task of all has been the one that I have put off the longest; my website.  I continuously put off finishing my website because I was spending so much time on everyone else success.  This week I have dove into that task and am happy to announce that my website will be launched by Sunday and I will again be able to focus all of my business hours on the success of my clients.  I had to stop and remember that having my website up and complete will ultimately help not only me but my clients because it gives them an additional place to be seen.

I have learned that as the seasons change I always need to re-evaluate and change the way I balance all  of my important jobs.  As I look back at everything that has changed in the last few months I get a sense of what priorities may have changed and where to put my energy.  This weeks topic fits perfectly into my life as I am wrapping up a few projects.  This week I have scheduled all of my clients posts, booked my family a mini vacation, visited a friend and her new baby, submitted my office renovation plans and will have my website launched by the end of the week!

Once I allowed for a fun family get away everything seemed much easier.  I could buckle down and finish the tasks ahead knowing that it was all going to be worth it when we were on vacation.  I was able to submit my office plans for our renovations because ultimately I was going to be able to get more accomplished once my office was functioning a little smoother.  Spending energy on my website was easier once I took the time to get away and visit my friend and her baby.  Taking a break and getting a few things off my list allowed me the brain space to think about the whole vision of my website and it just came to me almost like a dream!

All of this is was only able to be accomplished once I found balance in my life.  To see what I have been working on click on the link below.  The Final updates to the Big Fish Creative website will be finished by Sunday night but take a look of what has been accomplished so far.


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