All Substance and No Frills

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I have this scrapbook. It’s a little old and has some tea stains on it but inside are inspirational quotes, lyrics, poetry, articles and a few photos I’ve taped inside. I randomly include the names of characters, books and songs I consider masterpieces. Here are a few: “Richard Harrow”, “The Road” and “Everything I need” … the name of a character, a novel and song. Why? To remind me that in spite of all the gimmicks, shock value tactics and trash out there being worshipped … there’s still great art being created and an audience that wants quality. These are also works by individuals that placed artistic integrity above other things. No one in my scrapbook needed to be anything they’re not to get publicity. My scrapbook doesn’t honour sellouts.

My own chicken scratch can be found … ideas for future projects, dreams I have, goals I plan to achieve, quotes I wrote, some dates and key words to remind me of the moments in my life that truly mattered.

My scrapbook isn’t pretty. It’s all substance and no frills which makes it truly mine. If someone dropped it off a balcony, it would be okay that it wasn’t caught in the air … but someone better be there to pick it up!

I’m so familiar with it that I can usually look at it closed and be inspired because I know what’s inside. Sometimes I need a mantra for the day and I will go to find the words because there are days I want to see the words or the image. For example, I know an image of the Chilean miners is in there but sometimes I like to see their smiling faces because when that shot was taken … the expression on their faces is a testament to the fact that even dehydrated, delirious and exhausted, they knew their survival was miraculous. They weren’t just happy to be alive … they resurfaced as more appreciative and grateful people. Priceless!

So, I have this scrapbook that inspires me. It inspires me just by existing and it contains content that moves me on some level. I may be okay with a few scuff marks on my scrapbook, but hell hath no fury like a writer whose scrapbook goes missing!

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