Abundance: It’s All Around

 In Gluecklich im Sein, Weekly Forum Discussion

Abundance. Honestly I dreaded writing about it. I just didn’t click into the topic the way I usually do. Due to a toothache I was quite emotional the last few days and I couldn’t focus on abundance. At least not the kind we all are striving for, you know, health, wellness, relationships, money, fun, etc. I thought to myself, “You definitely have an abundance of pain, thank you very much, but I guess that’s not what they want to read about!” All the abundance I was seeing was the negative kind.

As I was taking a walk through a park and watched all the leave trees turning their color I saw abundance. Actually for me that is the easiest way to see abundance, by looking at nature. Really nature seems to have abundance figured out, even in a way that at least from the outside looks effortless. I was reminded of a quote from Wayne Dyer I recently found: “Abundance is not something we acquire. It is something we tune into.”

That’s what seems to allow my own understanding about abundance to change these days. New ideas are rising in my mind. Beforehand I thought that either I had abundance in my life or I had not, either it was there or it wasn’t. Now I am starting to see that abundance just is. It is there. It is what the universe is made with. It is all around. Whether or not I am connected with it is simply about whether or not I tuned into it. I can’t loose it and it can’t go into hiding. But I have to choose to see it, to feel it. We often think of abundance as money, good health, family and friends, fun and adventure, yet these are not abundance itself, they are the results of abundance and what we choose to create with it.

Using the acceptance exercise I’ve mentioned I noticed I am able to not only tune into acceptance and love, but into abundance as well. What that looks like? Like overwhelming gratitude; when I feel so grateful for things, I could burst. It’s wonderful to have that exercise connect me to all kinds of beautiful yummy feelings. I love it. Yet in order to create the results of abundance I want in my life, such as a loving family, good friends, a treasured career, a strong health, and so on, I need to act. An example I can think of is cooking. Now it’s not always like that for me, but there are times when while I am cooking without following a recipe I feel what I need to do, what ingredient to use and how much of it, and when I’m finished I have this wonderful dish that tastes like nothing I have ever created before. That to me that is creating with abundance.

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