You Lost Me At Beaver Tails

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Today is a big day for me.  Today is the day that my younger sister Chelsey is coming out for the weekend for the first time to look after our business and children so my husband and I  can have a much needed break.    My sister has spent many days here at our place but she has never been able to help me out in this way before.  Being that we have no employee for the next three months as she is away doing her grooming course this weekend is much needed.  I don’t often get away as it takes a very special person for me to feel comfortable leaving my dog business and children in the hands of somebody else.  I will only have someone take over who will run the business and look after the children as their own just as I do.  My sister is that person.  I don’t have many that I can call on as this business requires someone to be present at all times and is a 24 hour a day job.  Since it’s mostly the two of us running the business we don’t often get to do things as a couple.  For the past 10 years we have been waiting to get in to the Curling Bonspiel on the Lake.  We have both curled all of our lives except of course when I was pregnant and the kids were too little to leave.   This year we got in last minute as there was a cancellation.  We found a team of four and now we just needed someone who we could trust to run the show at our home for the weekend.  I asked the one person who is fully capable but is often very busy with her own business as a personal trainer, trains for team Canada Dragonboat, coaches a women’s cancer survivor paddling team and has a blended family with 5 children.  She said yes!  She understands the importance of having time off, having time with your partner, being active and having fun.  She understands that life is very short.  She has been through many heartaches with me.  We have often had her children here for long periods of time while she was away paddling around the world and she jumped at the chance to be able to help us in return.    I think she and the kids are just as excited about spending time here in the country cuddling with dogs, petting the horses and collecting the chicken eggs.  The kids will also be able to come and skate on the lake beside the Bonspiel and then grab a burger and maybe even a Beaver Tail (a mix between what feels like a donut and bannock with cinnamon and sugar on top).  I can see this weekend being a win win for all of us.  On top of that she will go home with money in her pocket.  A free vacation for her and a much needed break for us.  Can’t wait!  Everyone needs a friend or sister who they trust and can count on!

I lost you at Beaver Tail.

Seriously … wow! So it runs in the family! … go, go, go!!! Another super woman. Your sister sounds amazing. Everyone helps out and gains in this situation… Your sister gets a vacation, you and your husband give each other your time and the kids receive time with their aunt. I hope you enjoy every minute of it!

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