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The last two days have been a bit routine…go to work, go to the gym, come home, eat dinner, go to bed. Along the way though, I did buy birthday cards for family and friends and went to bed early (should have gone even earlier I was that tired) last night. So I think the important thing here is simplicity. Daily life, straight-forward. It’s not that making food for myself, taking care of myself, and doing the laundry aren’t important, but they don’t stand out so much.

Looking through my posts for this topic and asking myself what is important, it seems to be about maintaining/growing relationships (friends and family), reading, getting out (walking, hiking), writing…I’m sure a few other things as well. I am happy to see that writing has been on the list frequently. I’ve been giving it more priority of late and it shows! The reflection you (plural) gave to me during this week was one of balance. I don’t know that I would have noticed that if it hadn’t been pointed out. I’m glad the balance is there, even if I don’t immediately recognize it.

I think too that it’s a quiet week, I’m not even sure if it’s typical, but I suppose that’s not the point – the important things come through. When left to my own devices without other projects on the go, this is what I do with my time. I can’t help but think (a small, fleeting thought), that I have more time that I should – there is that feeling that I am not busy enough – shouldn’t I be doing something with all this time? As it turns out, I am. I also know that my life won’t always be this quiet, and so I enjoy it, embrace it. I mean Amber has children and a business to run! My life seems practically sleepy in comparison – and yet, that may be me one day too, so I’ll take my quiet and my time to read as a gift.


These are great things of importance. I often only want to write about the exciting things in life but some of the most important things are the little things. We are all different and we all go through things at different times and so on. I have had slower times in my life before children and I spent years growing my business. Now it’s go time. That won’t last forever. I was just talking to the groomer today about how to remember that in two months we will be way less busy so to hang in there. One of the crazy things about owning a business in a tourist town is that in order to be successful we sometimes have to charge full speed ahead in order to make it through the slow times. I have two months of busy to pay for the entire year basically. The trick is to manage well and to grow the business enough that it’s steady year round. I am striving to balance the business and therefor balance me just like you are doing here. Thanks for this. It’s a good reminder for me that I need to work at having quiet time like you year round.

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