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After running my dog business successfully for over fifteen years, I am very confident that I know how to run a great business, and that I know how to handle the many dogs in my care.  By getting busier every year, by having many five star reviews, and by never having injuries here I have the proof I need that I am a great dog business owner.

That said, I always have default statements for those people who question why we do things the way we do – so that that old self-doubt doesn’t jump on top of me and wrestle me to the floor.  I used to take everything personally whenever anyone would question the way we do business.  I would get my back up thinking they were attacking me and telling me how to do my job better.

That was hardly ever the case.  Usually they just wondered how we did things to ensure their dogs were in good hands. They want me to answer in a very assertive manner. To them his means I am sure I know what I am talking about and their animals will be well taken care of.  Believe me though, it took me years to realize this was happening!

Growing up a very timid, quiet and passive girl, it was very hard for me to stand tall and show the world what I am capable of.  That took years of being questioned so that I’d get angry that people would second guess me (which they actually weren’t it was just in my head) and would force me to practice coming up with default statements to help me grow to be the very positive person I am today.

This assertiveness stops people in their tracks. When given an abrupt default statement they are sure that there is nothing to question. Clearly I have things covered. I have run a fabulous business keeping dogs safe and letting them be dogs with proper direction for many years. I now know this so well that there aren’t many people who can make me stumble when they question the way we do things or even attack us for the way we do things.  My responses are short, sweet, and simple because in all fairness there isn’t anyone more capable of caring for animals than me and our business thrives because of it.  When people ask why I do or don’t do things the way they think they should be done I respond with:

“After running the business for over fifteen years I am one hundred percent sure this is the best way to keep all dogs safe”.


It is great to see the progress and transition of all your hard work on your business and your default statements that go with it! It does help to see how you succeed! What stuck with me most in this post was about how you say the default statement. That it should be firm, short, simple and full of confidence even if we don’t feel it in the moment. I really like this – it helps put another layer on my default statements, which I hadn’t realized are about the wording and how they are presented.

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