Wild Horses… CAN Tear Me Away

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Why not find the time to ride my horses 3-5 days a week.  Being that my vision is to create more happiness I would like to ride my horses more.  They need the stimulation and exercise, as do I.

I find it extremely hard to find the time to ride an hour a few times a week.  An hour actually means about 3 hours by the time I catch them, brush, saddle, ride, brush, feed and let out.  (In the icy season it also means hooking up the trailer which takes another half hour to hook up and then unhook and clean out and then haul them to the indoor arena).

It seems difficult to hire someone and go over everything for the day (it changes every day depending on who is here)  and pay them for 4 hours of work to ride a few days a week.

I have installed an ourdoor arena at the house so I can quickly jump on and ride even while watching the dogs in Summer it’s the rest of the year I have issues with.   I feel bad getting my husband to always run my business when he has just retired so I can do this.

My husband is a home body.  He could care less if he ever travelled.  He just likes to putter around the house.  He doesn’t have hobbies like I do or reasons to go away or even things he really likes.  In the 10 years we’ve been married he has only gone fishing with the guys one weekend which I totally set up.  Ha!  He hated it.  I find it hard for this reason to be doing things for me.  It makes me feel like I ask for too much.  I am constantly trying to get him to go play hockey, fish, buy a dirtbike (I even bought him a quad at one point but that didn’t help the guilty feeling) do something that he would have fun with basically so I can feel better about riding my horses, walking my dog, going out for lunch with a friend once in awhile, going for a massage, doing CW and so on.

I am normally a very strong person and I do as I please but quite often that guilty feeling creeps back.  I need to realize that we are very different.  It is ok for me to do these things.  I work very hard and unlike most people I don’t get 2 days off a week….yet.  (that’s changing)  I need to realize that if he wants to stay home all the time that’s totally fine and that doesn’t mean I need to do the same.  Perhaps I should bite the bullet and just hire someone so I can do the things I love and he can just putter rather than cover for me so I can play.  It feels good to put this out there as this has been a tough one for me for years but I’m thinking the Universe will jump in as usual and help me with this.  I’m excited for that.

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