Wait For It…. Super Cutie!

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Oh my….somebody mentioned the Dukes of Hazzard and the Dodge Charger……I would love a 1969 Dodge Charger!  This was my father’s dream car.  It is also my husband’s as well as my dream car.  Being a bit of a tom boy I love big, powerful, fast engines.  I also love big, powerful and fast horses.  As a child my father was always fixing up an old car.  We always went for ice cream on Sundays in it.  It was a real treat.  I have always wanted a Dodge Charger.  I am that girl that lights right up when I hear an big engine.  I love watching Nascar, Monster Trucks, dirtbike races and going to car shows.  It makes me really come alive.  Call me crazy but I really need to drive one of these.  So much fun!  My sister totally shocked me and bought a new Chevy Camaro recently after going through some major life changes.   I told her that I need to come and show her how to drive that car.  She can’t own a car like that driving below the speed limit.  She’s a very cautious driver.  When I arrived she totally amazed me.  She hopped right in with a huge smile and said…..”watch this”.  I loved how the thrill of driving that car could put a smile on her face.  It made her forgot the pain she was going through.  My mother has taken to riding motorcycles (as a passenger) since my dad died also.  She says it is so freeing feeling the wind on her face on top of such a loud and powerful machine.  I guess this runs in the family.  I want to drive a 69 Charger!  I know my dad would be right with me!

Kadie and I at Monster Trucks.  Sheer excitement.

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