Tug of War

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I’m saying no to Tug of War.  I am in a point in my life where I feel I am old enough and wise enough to be able to say no to engaging in drama.

Being in my forties I am finally in that sweet spot where I don’t need to people please and I definitely will not be getting dragged in to any negative arguments without confidently speaking up for what I believe and not getting caught up in the drama of who is more right and who is more wrong.

We are all allowed our opinions and at this time those opinions are openly welcome.  What isn’t welcome is the drama, the condescending comments or the bullying to make me believe what others believe.

I say no to being dragged in to a negative conversation or argument.

I feel at this time in my life I am confident enough to do what is right for me all the time.  I have spent a lifetime working up to this and nobody is going to stop me.  I have earned the right to look after me in the way that works best for my soul.  I have charged my way through rough waters and I have made it out on top.

I always look at everything with an open mind and I always try to understand where the angry person is coming from.

I will say no to Tug of War from this day forward as that is what I deserve after succeeding at life for over forty years.   I will work my way through the rest of this life in a calm and assertive way doing good things for people and animals.

I know what I want and I definitely know what I don’t want.  Tug of War is something I definitely don’t want as it does not propel me forward fast enough.  It holds me back and at this time in my life I have no time for that.  I only have time for the finer things in life.

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