The Time is Now. Go!

 In Weekly Forum Discussion

Great topic!  Because my life is incredibly busy with young children, many animals and a successful home based and ’round the clock business, I am constantly having to cross things off my list. This creates balance between work and play.  I enjoy my job completely, but it also ties me down.  I love to be a home body and I have set my home and work-space up to be exactly what I have always wanted, but I also love to travel, explore and see new things.

After reading this week’s discussion topic – Getting Things Done – my husband and I sat down together, and figured out exactly what we want.  In order for us to be away we need superstar employees who are full of integrity and who look after our business as their own.  We are meeting with a new potential employee tomorrow.  It has always been a a struggle to balance work and play time. We decided today that we need to have more money coming in to be able to pay an employee more permanently. This would allow us to have more time away from work.  With this in mind we have decided to expand our kennel area to accommodate more dogs but also make the space more efficient.  We will start the expansion in the Spring.

My business mind is constantly trying to come up with ways to make things run more smoothly and easily.  With more money coming in we can not only afford a really great employee, but also offer someone a really great job. I realize that this is the most important thing to cross off my list.  Expansion.

We were away on a hockey weekend this weekend. Watching the kids and parents build friendships, having the time to go for walks with the dog in a new beautiful places, having the time to stop and take in the views, having the time to try new foods or share a “beverage” with friends, chatting about what amazing kids we all have or even solving issues that come up… that is what I want more of.  I want more memories like this.

In order to do this quickly we are crossing business expansion off our list.  The time is now. Go!

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