The Sky is Infinite. Don’t You Worry About That!

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I need to remember to be a dreamer – not a worrier – so that my children can learn to do the same.

My mind at times limits me.

My mind likes to immediately go to worry and overthinking mode when I am thinking about doing something new.  It sees this new idea as a challenge instead of being excited about the possibilities of the new change.  Most of the time I can press through it as I have a very strong ability to go after what I want.  I am a dreamer.  I spend much of my day dreaming up how I can do things better in my life, how I could do things easier, travels I could take the children on and so on but then that ugly worry creeps in to my head.  It scares me to death at times and tries to stop me from moving forward, from having all the things I would like.  It likes to try to stop me from being happy and abundant.  There have been times where I have worried so much that I have missed out on something that would have been life changing.  Every day I am working on letting worry go.  Every day I try to think of the positive.

What if I do really well at the new class I want to teach instead of wondering if anyone would show up?  What if I make more money than I ever thought  possible at this new endeavor instead of failing?  I believe if you think you can win that race, you will always push yourself to start training for that race.

We only  limit the body by the minds perception.  If you think you can start a new career doing photography you will find the opportunities to strengthen your ability to photograph well and earn from it.  Doing what makes you happy starts with believing it’s possible, no matter how difficult it may be.  I know this and I am working on this as I don’t want to miss out ever again because I allowed worry to take over.   Achieving what is beyond our pre-conceived limits is what strengthens not only our bodies, but also our minds.

I became the mother and business owner I am today by believing in me,  by pushing beyond the pain and frustration and by forging ahead not by letting worry take over to stop me in my tracks.  I need to remember this whenever worry thinks it ok to try to ever stop me again from moving forward.   Pushing our minds beyond their own limits can give us an immense sense of joy by showing us how limitless we truly are. We are what we think we are.

“The limit is not in the sky. The limit is the mind.” ~Unknown  

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