Tears of Joy

 In Weekly Forum Discussion

I wanted to share with you how strong my emotions were at the Spruce Meadows Masters event the kids and I were at yesterday in Calgary.  I thought of this topic and had to share.

Whenever I witness a strong connection between animal and human I am left speechless.  It downright knocks me to my knees.  I know it sounds crazy but the incredible feeling I get when I watch a horse carry a rider over 6 foot jumps is like nothing else.  I am unable to talk.  I literally just have to put my sunglasses on and hope that nobody notices me.  I tear up and literally nothing comes out of my mouth.

My kids felt that same thing yesterday once as we watched the jumping which was new to them, once when we watched the RCMP Musical Ride and once when we watched the Prairie Dogs work with their handlers racing each other with huge crowds watching through an agility course.   They were in awe just like I am when I witness such a great connection of the two.

It’s the one emotion that literally runs in my blood, one that I have no control over and one that I was born with that my soul just cannot deny.  I am sharing as I got to thinking with our topic that the reason this showed up for me again is I’m sure to tell me I am on the right path helping people connect with animals.

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