Teach Your Children Well

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I like to think I am changing the world by ensuring that my children see that life can be lived happily.

I show them daily that we smile at every person we see.  We send well wishes to everyone, even those who have done us wrong.  Clearly they are the ones who most need it.

I teach them that life is meant to be lived to the fullest.  We can do what we love every single day.  They see that life can be lived with their favorite pets, riding horses, riding dirt bikes, going to the lake, canoeing, fishing, hiking, playing sports or reading a book on the beach.

The opportunities are endless.  I teach them abundance.  I teach them that there is enough in the world for us all.  We always cheer on our friends and neighbors or even those we don’t know well because we all deserve the best.  By teaching them this they will grow up without ego and knowing that spreading cheer brings more happiness.

I teach my children  how to treat animals with kindness.  I want them to learn boundaries early and the animals show them this in a profound way.  When they have boundaries they fully love themselves and there is no greater want for me as their mother.  This they will pass on to their friends who will pass it on to others.

I teach my children about empathy and to be caring souls for those who need it most.  We often take in animals in need and we have also taken in my grandmother before she passed.  I wanted them to learn that our home is a safe place for those in need to come to.  I want them to feel totally safe at home.  I want them to be able to rest well at home and recover when ill.  I want them to create the same for their children one day.

I teach my kids to ask for help and to question everything.  I teach them that they can always get help somewhere when needed.  They need to believe the world is a safe place to pass this on to other children.  I want them to live abundantly but to also give freely.  I want them to know that when we give we receive.

I teach my children daily to go for their dreams.  Anything and everything is possible.  They see what it’s like to have a mother and father who are completely in support of them and to teach them right from wrong.  I believe this is the best way that I can benefit the world.

My children will grow up being well rounded kind children who will demand only the best.  My hope is that others will see and appreciate how they live and follow suit.  If I can inspire even a few others to live their lives in happiness then I have done my job well as a mother.

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