Our Special Holiday Treats

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This week’s discussion topic is a fun one for me. The Christmas week is one of our busiest times of year at Unleashed!, so my family’s traditions have come to revolve around the animals in our care. Since they are away from their loved ones at such an important time of year, we like to make their stay extra special over the holidays.  The kids and I carefully pick out and bake treats for the dogs to put in their stockings. It’s a total blast.

I grew up doing most of our Christmas festivities on Christmas Eve.  My mother was born in Germany and it was the norm to do a special dinner, activities and gift opening at night under the brightly lit tree.  This tradition works well for us.  After our boarded dogs have had a huge walk and have played their hearts out all day, we tuck them in for the night. Then, we get to enjoy our family time cozied up by the fire, laughing, sipping on rum and eggnog, opening gifts and having special holiday treats.

Christmas morning the dogs who are staying with us are all fed, let out and then lined up for their Christmas stockings.  Some who stay with us every year know what is coming.  Our kids have learned that this is how we make our living, so they help us Christmas morning in making sure our clients are enjoying their Christmas too.  Each dog gets special treats and a chew toy.  Once the dogs have had their morning treats we head to the Christmas tree, coffee in hand to open our own stockings and gifts from Santa.

Once all the gifts are open, it’s time to take the horses their extra Christmas treats, and spend the rest of the day outside.  The dogs get an extra long walk on Christmas day.

As busy as it is at this time of year we are grateful for all the extra animals to share it with and celebrate having a job that allows us to be home with our children. Our four-legged guests are family to us. It’s such a fun day. Merry Christmas everyone!

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