Setting Myself Up to Succeed

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When the topic of setting a New Years Intention came up I was really excited. Like a lot of people, going into the new year I am almost expected, or I feel this pressure, to set a resolution and stick to it. For example, going sugar-free, or starting the latest fad diet; going to the gym five days a week, or going alcohol-free. As I enter the new year, I do have healthy goals: eating less sugar, drinking less alcohol, trying more of a whole food diet, and getting more exercise. It’s not negative to set a New Year’s resolution, and I truly admire anyone who does it and sticks to it. Good for you, keep up the amazing work! Implementing healthy goals is important, and it’s something I try to focus on daily (with some wiggle room).

Setting an intention felt different for me, because I wasn’t putting all this pressure on myself to make a drastic change. Last year, my New Years Resolution fell by the wayside. I had an overwhelming sense of self-disappointment because I had failed. This goes back to the pressure. While some pressure is good, as it gets me motivated to get things done, there’s also too much pressure which leaves me feeling stressed out, exhausted, or worthless.  I set my last year’s resolution of having a Dry January. It’s a popular resolution and I thought maybe it was something I should try. It is always good to take a break from alcohol, and give my body a rest. Halfway through the month, I gave in and in doing so, I realized that having a glass of wine is something I truly enjoy. I take my time picking certain bottles, I pour it into my favourite glass (the glass is important, no plastic cups for me), and I sit and savour it, much like I would a piece of cheesecake. I reviewed my motivations: I had come out of the holidays having indulged in too much wine, and it had left me feeling crappy and I chose the corresponding resolution. When after two weeks, I felt clear, fresh and ready to enjoy a glass, I did. Did I beat myself up? Of course! I felt like I should have been able to do the full month; however, I did enjoy it, I didn’t binge, and it was worth it!  I was proud of myself for realizing that making the small, two week change allowed me to feel amazing, and now it’s something I do regularly to keep feeling healthy. After that experience, I thought I might have picked the wrong resolution for myself, perhaps I needed to give it more thought.

This year I decided on something that wasn’t taking anything away, or putting any extra pressure on myself. I chose something that would better me as a person, and easy to carry on throughout the entire year – self-love! Spending more time on myself, and feeding my soul. Whether it’s learning to play my guitar, taking a walk in the forest, a glass of delicious wine in front of my fireplace, or taking a long hot bubble bath when the kids are at school. I’m setting myself up to succeed, instead of failing. And isn’t that the whole purpose? I chose something that I couldn’t fail at, because I would make time for it no matter the circumstances. I can easily get burnt out, and it keeps me grounded to realize it before it happens by taking that extra time for myself.

I’m excited with my new intention to pick up my guitar and learn a new chord, because it feels so darn amazing! This is an easy success.

By Krystle Chasse

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