Self-Love: Start Now

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I am not one to set New Year’s resolutions – if I want something bad enough then why wouldn’t I start now?

I love the idea of a New Year’s intention, it sets my mind to focus on the positive as opposed to solving a negative.

My New Year’s intention this year is to focus on my joys, and spend more time doing what makes me happy. When I do so, I am focusing on myself, which is something I strive for. This is self-care. I am a natural caregiver and I very easily get swept away by worrying about, and caring for, others. I allow myself to fall behind.

I think that self-love is very important and essential to happiness.

I bought this beautiful guitar a couple of months ago. I have always loved singing and my dream is to learn to play the guitar. There is something about music that has a positive impact on my state of mind and attitude.

My intention: I want to learn how to play my beautiful new guitar.

So, yes, I am very excited for 2018, but more importantly, I am very excited for today. It’s a new day and there are many beautiful moments ready to be embraced.

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