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I have been putting in my bowl nice things that people say about me.  I want to be abundant with great people in my life.

I believe the saying that the five people closest to me are the most crucial to my success.

I want to have great employees who treat my business as their own and who are excited to come to work every day and I want great quality friends in my life.  I don’t need many friends just a few really good ones around me.  I also want great clients.  The ones who understand the work that goes in to their pets having a fun, safe and happy time with us at our kennel and dog daycare.

I want people surrounding me who are real and who want me to succeed as much as I them.  I want the people who are interesting, who I can learn from and who I can trust around me.   This is super important for me, so I decided to fill my bowl with notes of kind, supportive and caring things people say about me.  I want only the best for me.  I am worth it.

I only started this yesterday, and I am being rewarded already.  I had an old friend call me to catch up telling me she may move out this way. I had two people request my friendship on Facebook that I really look up to. I had clients tell me my dog training was remarkable and their dogs have done a complete turn around and they are thrilled. I had my daughter tell me I am the best mom in the whole world. My friend called me today to check in with me to see how I was and just to tell me I am awesome. I had someone stop me at the rink ask me if Consciously Woman is mine.  She reads our posts every day on Facebook and she said the writing is incredible.  It’s the first thing she does in the morning over coffee.  Remarkable.

I will continue to fill my bowl all week as I have done something like this before with a group of women and it was so profound.  So simple.  I want such amazing people in my life that there is no room for the negative.

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