My Prince Charming

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As a young girl it was my dream to grow up, fall in love, get married and have kids. I think growing up watching Disney movies, and then dreaming of Prince Charming isn’t too far off from most girls dreams. But in my case, it happened.

When I was asked to write this article, I was truly honored. And given the option to pick ANY man crush leaves the door wide open – someone who has touched, or changed my life. Don’t get my wrong, I have my celebrity man crushes, like I’m sure we all do, but the answer for me was easy:

My man crush is my husband, Brady.

When we were kids our parents were great friends. They grew up together, traveled together, celebrated weddings and the births of their kids together. Both Brady and I have older brothers, whose birthdays are one day apart, so they celebrated together too. We have known each other since we were born. But… if we go back to then, we were allergic to each other because girls are gross and boys have cooties.

It wasn’t until high school, that we really connected. Brady took a liking to me, and I was totally not interested at all. It’s funny to think of that now! But he was patient… until one day, and I will never forget it. We were sitting in class and suddenly… I said to a good friend, “wow, that Brady sure is cute!” And the rest is history. He said that he played hard to get. Haha. Ok…

He told me at a party that he like my gloves. That’s how it started. He swept me right off my feet. He is kind and patient. He teaches me about determination. If he sets his mind to something he gets it done. He will not give up.
He is the hardest worker I know. His dedication to his work is like nothing else.

His passion for life is intoxicating. He lives life in the fast lane, where I am more comfortable just putting along, looking at the scenery.

He has shown me, how to be loved. He makes me feel beautiful. Inside and out. He lifts me up and encourages me. He makes me feel secure and safe. He’s my protect0r and my soft place to land.

He fills my heart with so much joy. He makes me laugh. His sense of humor is one of his greatest qualities, which is why everyone is drawn to him wherever we go.

He is an amazing father to our kids, affectionate and playful.

He’s amazing at any sport he does. He has a passion for hockey, which has been passed down to our son. And our living room is often taken over by a Montreal Canadiens game with beer and Pepsi’s. Or it gets turned into a wrestling ring, WWF matches with both kids! And I’m cringing because something is going to get broken. Our daughter is usually the one who initiates this!

He loves snow mobiling. This has been a long battle of disagreements about safety. Which he always wins because of his knowledge and determination. This is another passion that our son has picked up, and so Brady is teaching him about backcountry safety. Lucky me. I’m going to be completely gray by the age of 40!

But most of all, he is my best friend. We have so much fun together. We grow together, and love together.
Not a single day that goes by that I am not truly grateful for having fallen in love with my high school crush. I live each day with my best friend, my Prince Charming.

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