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This week I want to focus on a very amazing man in my life, my son, Karson.  Even though he is only ten years old, I chose him as my man crush because he is as intelligent, caring, strong, athletic, thoughtful, funny, confident and has as much heart as most adult-men I know.  I have much to learn from him.

Reasoning with him is easier than reasoning with most adults.  He has thrived on adult conversation since a very young boy.  He has always had a very strong willingness to learn and now is a very good teacher.  He has taught me many things.  He’s the kind of kid who runs with ideas and who is always thinking.  My husband will show him how to use a tool and he will come inside two hours later showing us a new feeder he has made for his horse.  I will show him how to best get his horse working better for him, and he will call me over to show me how he has taught his horse to do spins and rollbacks.

He is the guy who always watches out for others.  When he was very young he was bullied quite a bit and he has taken those life lessons and chosen to teach others kindness and how to stand up for themselves.  He also has learned that he is worth his weight in gold and has very big boundaries.  He is a very big kid for his age and he has no problem standing up for other kids who are being treated unfairly.

He is a natural guardian and protector.  He has always watched out for his little sister.  They of course have their little squabbles but when it comes down to it he is always watching out for her making sure she is safe.  Because of this he is an incredible defenseman at hockey.   He recently moved from Center to Defense and loves the idea of protecting the net and his goalie.  Because of his size, his presence and drive, not many get passed him.

I think growing up with so many animals he learned to be very caring, warm-hearted and devoted at a very young age.  He has a wonderful connection with animals and is a very hard worker.  He grew up with many chores which was expected in order to have so many pets.  I think having those responsibilities has helped make him the person that he is.

He’s always willing to go the extra mile whether it’s with homework, his horse, or helping around the house.  He fully understands that energy put in equals energy returned.  To understand that at this age is a great achievement.

He ensures that I am not becoming more fearful as I age.  I need to let go of my fears in order to allow him to grow.  He has a good head on his shoulders so I need to relax when he wants to barrel race, dirt bike race or play hockey.  I cannot hold him back because of my fears.  He’s teaching me to remain childlike, to remember how brave and courageous I was as a child.

I am incredibly lucky to have such a great man in my life and I’m excited for what he has to teach me moving forward.

Contributed by: Amber Schick; https://www.unleashedpetcare.com/


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