Opening the Door to Inspiration

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“Open the door to a place in yourself you have never been before, or re-open the door to that place in yourself you don’t often get the opportunity to visit.”

Being a part of this amazing women’s group, Consciously Woman (CW), has opened a whole new door for me. There is a risk in having my inner dialogue, thoughts, hopes, dreams, and failures out in the open. It could leave me feeling exposed and raw, but instead, it has been empowering. Engaging in this group has motivated me to be myself, which is very inspiring, and it’s a value I constantly try to instill in my children.

Many women have insecurities about what others may think about their careers, actions, or choices. I admit that I am guilty of this; however, I’m finding that the more I get to know other women, the more I learn we are all alike. I find it extremely uplifting to listen to other women’s journeys, to know that I am never alone. And what I love most about CW is that I can come with an open heart and there’s no judgment. There is a wave of love creating a ripple, one which is going to change the way I think and live. I always thought being pushed out of my comfort zone was a bad thing, but it’s beautiful to watch myself grow.

always look forward to my weekly date with myself: reading the weekly topic and letting my thoughts flow into a post. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of something so wonderful!

Written by: Krystle Rhea

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