One Rock at a Time

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Way to stay strong! I was thinking of strong warrior as physical strength but mental strength is just as important if not more so.   I’ve had one crazy week and am not feeling 100%.  I curled until 1am and then got up for work at 6am and back on the ice at 9am.  I had to pull out my warrior strengths in a mental way instead of a physical way to call and play a good 2 hour game totally exhausted.  I did my usual breakdown of…how bad can this 2 hours really be?  Focus, think positive, laugh, one rock at a time.  It worked!


I am now playing in a women’s bonspiel all weekend.  The first one in maybe 20 years.  Get this….the theme is superpowers.  We have never curled together but man are we warriors.  First of all we were supposed to play at 8pm last night but the organizer made a mistake and asked if we would play at 10pm.  They offered us a free win if we didn’t want to play that late.  Being warriors and very sportsmanship like we said we’d rather play.   We didn’t want it handed to us.  We wanted to win it rightly.  We played and won.  The team we played has played together for 20 years or so and are very technical.  They took it way too seriously and were not happy campers.  We missed a memo and dressed up as Jokers (Villains).  We were the only team dressed up out of 28 teams.  I guess that’s for Saturday tonight only.  We were laughed at but in warrior stride we calmly said….we brought our A game.  We won all while being courteous and having a TON of fun.  We played again at 9 am today and won again!  In warrior fashion we stood tall and things ended well.  I couldn’t help but think.  Who’s laughing now….lol

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