My Reflections of Balance

 In Weekly Forum Discussion

Being a busy body and hard worker I have always struggled with balance until recently. Now I am taking the time to concentrate equally on what makes me happy, what makes my family and animals happy, and what makes my business run well.

I fully understand now that you can’t consistently put more effort in to one more than the other. When I put too much effort in playtime, I don’t make enough money. And when I don’t have enough downtime, my health fails.

The best way for me to ensure I am balanced is through my animals and children. Are my children satisfied? Have they spent enough time being active or are they wild and crazy, have I spent enough time one on one with them on the couch reading and writing or are they struggling at school, have I taken the time to play with them and engage with them, or are they begging for more of my time? Are they happy with vacation time, or are we working too much? Have we played too much and they are becoming disrespectful, without enough of a schedule or boundaries?

If they are content, I can assure you, I am in balance, and I have shown them the way.

Since I prefer to surround myself with animals, more than people, my animals will let me know if I am out of balance. Is my horse super spooky on a ride because I haven’t done enough training with him lately? Is my dog acting out because of a crazy work week and he didn’t get enough exercise? Have I ridden my horses too much and they are starting to walk away when I approach, suggesting they need a few days off at pasture? Or have they lost their calm ways and started to act out – going after each other, or bucking during a ride – suggesting they are out of balance ?

If the people and animals around me are out of balance, I am also, and they let me know often in very obvious ways. In order to keep the herd and the pack happy and safe I need to be in tune with them and adjust quickly. My version of balance is a happy herd of horses, a happy pack of dogs, and a happy family.

This all boils down to one balanced and happy Momma.

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