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I love this discussion topic of how we keep our intentions alive because this is a tough one for many.  This year will be different for me because I know what works and what doesn’t.  I know me well now.  My New Year’s intention is to exercise five days out of the week.  I have so many things going for me and the last thing I want is to see results in is my health.  I want to feel strong and powerful.  I want to feel unstoppable.  In order for me to do this I must dedicate time to exercise.  For years I put off exercise because my children came first, my husband, my animals or my business.  There was no time for me.  That has changed now.  I must come first.  My children must see me taking care of me.  They need to see me exercising a body that was told it never could again due to injuries.  They need to know there is always hope and they need to know there is always a way.  I want them to feel inspired watching me take that hour for me every day.  I want them to see the positive changes in my body.  I want them to ask me to play soccer or hike with them.  I want to spend the most amount of time with them I can and that means I have to feel good and be healthy.  How do I stick with it?  Simple.  I have a plan.  I dedicate the time where nothing else can come first and I have someone holding me accountable.

I am famous for starting a new routine for a month and then dropping it so here is what will be different this time.  I have committed to one hour of exercise alone from twelve to one each day.  My business is closed then and my husband is home at that time to watch it for me.  If I miss a day I have to do double the next day and that is just not doable so it must get done.  Finding one hour a day is tough but two is out of the question.

I have chosen something that I love to do.  Be outside in the wilderness where I can take one or two of my animals with me.  With plenty of dogs staying with us and four horses this is never an issue and it keeps my mind off of the workout and we get to bond and just be together.  To be honest they all need me to be healthy also so they are always cheering me on.

Lastly I need to be held accountable.  My friend Kim who lives two thousand kilometers away is doing the same so we hold each other accountable by text.  We see each other twice a year so we will know if one or the other is cheating.  I also keep track on a calendar on my wall and joined the 175 Mile Challenge with a few other ladies.  I must finish this by early March and being competitive I will not allow them to finish and me not so I’m sticking with it.

I have already made it six weeks and I am feeling amazing.  When I feel amazing I want to continue to eat well and exercise daily.  I will not stop.  When it snows a foot I will put my snowshoes on and when it’s pouring rain I will appreciate the hot bath afterwards.  I’m excited to continue because I love my daily workouts and I have a plan.  I’m sticking to it.

Written by Amber Schick; Unleashed Pet Care Services

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