Love, Torque

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As I sit here in the elevator beside my mom I am quiet and patient reflecting her energy.  The leash is loose.  She does not need to force me to do anything.  I am happy to follow her role as she knows exactly what she wants and I want the same.  When she moves I move but until then I am happy waiting patiently ready to mirror her.

The elevator door opens and a lady with three kids come scrambling in.  I want so badly to run over to them, jump all over them, lick them and play with them but I glance up at my mom and she gives me that look like do not even think about it.  The leash tightens slightly.  I relax.  She loosens the leash.  I love how she directs me with her calm assertiveness.  I want so badly to be like her.

Because I was so well behaved the mother of the 3 children asks if her little ones can gently pet me.  I’m thrilled but I can’t lose my mind now or it’s over.  They are all over me.  Loving me and so gentle with me and I with them.  I glance up at my mom and she nods and says, “Good boy!”.  It was a win win for all of us.

That mother asked my mom how old I was.  She was shocked that I was only five months old and so well behaved.  My mom told her by carefully choosing the right breed for your family, some good training and doing some internal work to understand boundaries and what both animal and owner need she could have this too.  Anyone can.

I can tell that my mom was so proud of me and I was of her too.  She knows what she wants and it’s so easy for me to be with her following in her footsteps.  I will be sure to let her know if this becomes out of balance.

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