Let’s Go for Coffee

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My relationship with coffee is really about never having to make coffee. I don’t have a coffeemaker at home, nespresso or otherwise. I don’t really like regular coffee; however I do like espresso. For some reason, with espresso, a good one anyway, I don’t need sugar (with regular coffee I like my sugar with coffee and cream, to quote the Beastie Boys) and so it’s better for me and I like the taste – cappuccinos and lattes anyway.

About four months after starting my job, I found a coffee spot (not Starbucks, don’t like it much anymore) that brewed with a great espresso: Sorry Coffee Co. They have a great name too, that I quite like, so Canadian (my US friends think it’s quite funny). They have local artists do the designs for the cups, and they change them out monthly. But it’s actually not even about the espresso anymore, it’s the experience of going there. I know all the baristas by name, and they know mine. We chat about regular life. I hear about some of their hopes and dreams (they are around 20-24, so wow, the dreams of the young and just-starting-out!). But I am known there, they notice when I’m not there… It is a space and a familiarity that makes me feel less new in this new-to-me city. I am not quite in the right job either, so being able to have this happy and real exchange in the mornings before going into work is really important to my day.


Love the name of the business!  I never get the chance to go out for a coffee while working but when we are away it’s one of the first things I look forward to in the morning.  Finding a nice coffee shop with good coffee.  The coffee shops are always overflowing with happy people just starting out their work day or having a meeting, spending a morning off with friends or with with a loved one.  It’s always so refreshing for me to be a part of this once in awhile.  I can see why people are so drawn to these cozy places.


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