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Being able to do more with less effort is pretty much the definition of anyone’s dream. I am constantly working to find the balance between work and pleasure. How do I work smart? I try to set a schedule for myself throughout the week: I take on certain projects each day instead of cramming them into a few days. The to-do list can be overwhelming if I look at it as a whole. But if it’s broken down into pieces, it appears more realistic. For example, on Sunday I try to tackle the laundry, after not doing any for two days with four people (one in particular who enjoys changing multiple times a day, and I’m just talking pajamas), it piles up quickly. Even getting it presorted makes a world of difference. I also try to get the bathrooms cleaned, as it’s my least liked chore (in a tie with the laundry folding). Monday is for house cleaning and grocery shopping, and getting organized for the week. I enjoy meal planning, or at least, having an idea of what ingredients will be need for our dinners. It makes grocery shopping easier and efficient, as I can work it around our busy sports’ schedules. Maybe Tuesday will be laundry folding day; I don’t pressure myself to get it all done on Monday!

I don’t believe in the work first, play later method, because a morning coffee date could pop up with a good friend before I have done a single thing. We all know that work is never done (especially the never-ending Mount Everest of unfolded laundry at the end of the hallway), and if I always pour all my energy into it, I will burn out. Finding time each day for myself, is essential to having a balanced state of mind. I always take time to go for a walk, take a bath, listen to music, or take a rest to have a mental time out. It keeps me feeling centred and calm. What works for me, won’t work for everyone, but I believe it goes back to pressure and prioritizing. Take a moment to ask yourself “does this need to happen now?” If not, let it wait.

Written by: Krystle Rhea

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