I See My Best Self in My Children

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My best self shines through my children.  They are kind, caring, helpful, understanding, trustworthy, smart and energetic.  I am raising the kind of children that are welcome in people’s homes, have wonderful conversations with adults, and are here to make the world a better place.

This past few days we visited my friend Mable who is a horse expert extraordinaire.  Hauling a horse trailer ten hours each way with two children eight and ten, some would think would be crazy. Not me!  They helped keep me focused when I was getting a bit tired, they checked the tire pressure when we stopped for breaks, they fed and watered the horses, they held great conversation and were just all around helpful on the long trek of isolated highway.

Being at Mable’s the first time they were welcomed with open arms.  They were polite.  They asked lots of questions.  They said thank you for meals and helped clean up after without being asked.  They helped get the horses ready for a ride, were very respectful of the horses and helped clean the barn afterward.  They are turning in to the children that well liked and welcome just about anywhere.

They are respectful and respected so respected in fact that Mable ended up selling us her prized horse Mike.  The brother to mine.  He had such a connection with my son that we just had to say yes.  Kadie came home with a baby horse named Sir that the kids will help me train because they are ready for it and are expected to take part in everything.  They need to learn to care and train and feed a horse not just run them in competitions.

They are learning the bigger picture.  Because of the kind souls they are, they were just rewarded in a huge way.  I am rewarded too as I now get to ride with both my kids at the same time and once the little guy is ready the whole family can go out together.  I am living the dream I have always wanted.  The wait is over.

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