I Love Being a Good Mother

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I am certain that I am a good mother because as I write this, I have had to stop to assist my children with 5 meltdowns, a wipe-out and a fat lip. Even when I am frustrated and exhausted, I still stop what I’m doing gladly every single time to be there for them. The meltdowns could be seen as something negative but I see today’s meltdowns as a way of begging for help and attention. I know that my little girl lost someone special to her this week and my understanding is that she is crying out for help, frustrated that someone could be taken from her so suddenly.

I know I am a good mother, not because I am perfect, but because I absolutely love what I do. I always wanted children and I am a great caregiver. When we do what we love we are naturally good at it. We put a lot of energy in to what we love.

My children mean everything to me and it doesn’t matter if I am doing motherhood perfectly. What matters is that I am there for them through the good and the bad. I am there when they win and when they lose. Every smile and laugh shows me that I’m doing my job well. Any time we work through a problem or difficulty I am rewarded. Accepting that I am a great mother has lifted me up. It makes me feel like life is worth living. Raising children who feel happy, safe and loved is of most importance to me. My kids feel this. I know this because they tell me so.

When somebody thinks they have the right to judge the way I parent or tell me how to be a better mother my default statement is:

“I am a wonderful mother. My children are well rounded compassionate beings. They are proof of this.”

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