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To be honest I never take selfies unless the kids are with me or my animals. This will be different putting my pictures out there for all to see!

To be honest, I am one of the strongest people I know, both physically (hauling 200 hay bales is no sweat) and emotionally. I will need this to get through these next two weeks. I am currently driving 21 hours home to our family home and cottage for the last time.

To be honest, I am always true to myself. I always try to do the right thing and I am open and honest about what I am unhappy about and what is not sitting well with me so I can fix it.

To be honest, I am a fantastic cook and I love to entertain while serving delicious and healthy foods.

To be honest, I am a great and very involved mother, but I also believe in allowing my children to spread their wings – as hard as that is!

To be honest, I am a believer. I believe anything is possible and it’s easy for me to problem solve and find solutions as I am super open minded.

To be honest, I am very knowledgeable in dog training and behavior. Having a positive attitude, an open mind and so much knowledge finding solutions to unwanted dog behavior comes quite easily for me. I believe that many issues can be solved. I am hoping to do more and more of this to help people live happier lives with their pets!


True to yourself; belief that many issues can be solved; always try to do the right thing. These, and the many you have written are all over your face in this photo (or maybe I’m reading into it, ha ha!). I really like this photo, it’s a face I can trust, that is fun and honest. Sure, I may know that about you already, but it shines through your photo too.


Thank you Lia. Those are special words that mean a lot to me.


It’s true. You are one of the strongest people I know too. To be honest, I think that strength comes from your kindness. The depth of that is profound and you teach that to all the people you interact with – including me! – and most definitely your kids. Your amazing kids. They will be the incredible people they (already) are because of how they have learned from you.

One of my very favourite things about you is that you are a believer! Fun that you said that. I believe you are going to do more than just solve dog behaviour problems. I think your classes will provide people training too! The good kind. The kind where people learn what it feels like to be in charge – especially women. Imagine a world where women are as empowered in a grounded way – just like you!


Thank you for believing in me Adrienne!

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