Hurry Hard!

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Haha!  I know mmmmm…..Beaver Tails.  How does one say no?  I may actually have one today and one tomorrow.  This is where my 75% rule comes in handy! 75% good food choices; 25% any thing goes.

It’s funny that you say go, go, go.  Everyone was bugging me last night because that’s what I yell when I need the front end to sweep.  It’s just me super excited!  We lost our first game to a team that had never played.  It is absolutely hilarious curling on the lake.  There are bumps and divots, cracks and slopes.  There is no rhyme or reason. It’s all luck.  Nevertheless super fun!  I’m not sure I’ve ever laughed so hard.  There was only one small line we could use for every single shot.  In the entire game only two rocks made it in the house.  To get the rock to go left you had to shoot right and the opposite turn you would usually use.  So funny.  We played indoors our second game and won that one so wish us well today.  Maybe that will help ensure our luck.


I am happy you’re having such a terrific time! You’re looking very ‘curlesque’! Haha. I have always wanted to see a curling competition … this is going to sound ignorant … but Men With Brooms just made it all the more interesting. One day, Amber, one day!

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