Hurry Hard!

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I finally said yes to joining the ladies curling league!

I said yes before I had fully ensured it was doable so I would not miss out again this year. Normally, with so many things to organize, I think through things extremely well, but with this topic in the back of my mind I just said yes. It was so invigorating!

It’s been years since I curled in the ladies league – my children were young and of course always came first – and… my husband’s hockey league which is the same night. He started hockey before I started curling, so I just let it go in previous years. This year I said yes, knowing I am fully capable of making anything happen and will work out the logistics later.

I am striving for work/play balance and here I am making it happen! The best part is that I was nervous as I don’t have a team to enroll. It’s just me. Well low and behold the ladies league this year is looking for new curlers so I just needed to sign up and they are drawing names out of a hat for teams. One of my biggest obstacles no longer an issue!

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