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I am a hockey mom.

Right now we are away at our last hockey tournament of the year. This is the big leagues for my nine year old son. He has been asked to play for an out of town team.

We are thrilled to support him in his new role and we are committed one hundred percent. You must be all in to play for an out of town Rep team. There are many hours on the road and it is definitely taxing on the bank account. I would not trade anything for this.

The time spent learning from new coaches, learning new drills, making new friends, and being part of a new team are what will help make my son a confident young man who knows how to win and lose with integrity.

Being a mom I would climb any mountain to help my children to succeed. Last night arriving at our hotel late and seeing the coaches and their wives waiting for us, making sure we made it, made me feel what he feels. Being invited to sit with the team during games and being included in dinners and the occasional beverage makes me feel wanted and accepted. I truly see how this would make my boy want to try his best for his new coaches and his new team who believed in him and who gave him a chance.

To sit on the sidelines with the parents and coaches of this new team and have them tell me that my son is one of their favorites made me feel amazing. I am so grateful that my son has great parents who push him, discipline him, encourage him and have his back through all of his breakthroughs and downfalls. I am also grateful that others are seeing in him what I also see in him. Greatness.

He won MVP player today and I know we are a big part of that. I am a great mother and my children are living proof.

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