Good Morning Sunshine!

 In Weekly Forum Discussion

I am grateful for my doorbell breaking.  The new one is super cute and fun!  It makes every entrance grand.

I am grateful we paid off a huge bill yesterday.  One of the ones that has been looming over our heads for a very long time.

I am grateful for my client who sold us a boat trailer in exchange for dog boarding and for a fifth of the price of some of the others we were looking at.

I am grateful for my flower garden which is in full bloom and I am able to have fresh cut flowers in my home and office daily.

I am grateful we are looking in to getting a water line put in to water the horses rather than hauling water by hand in the Winter.

I am grateful that my kids are turning in to such caring and kinds souls.

I am grateful that we get to go out on Dad’s boat this Sunday for the first time in Invermere.  I have hardly ever been on our lake and I have lived here almost 25 years.  I am bringing lunch on the boat so we can explore all day on the water.

I am grateful that it’s cooler in the evenings and mornings to help control the wildfires.

I am grateful for living in one of the most beautiful places in the world.

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