Get Caught Up in the Moment

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When I am angry or sad I try to do something I love to change the energy.  It always moves me in to a state of positive creating positive.

I tried this a couple days ago.  Kadie had a friend over for a riding lesson.  Just as I was about to go in to the lesson I got a very negative phone call from someone who likes to lash out and attack when things aren’t going well for her.  It sent me in to a tizzy.  I went from so happy to so angry and sad.  Mostly mad that I let her get to me one more time.

I stopped.

I went out to the horses with the girls and would not let myself think of it for one second while working with two of my most favorite things – animals and children.  The kids wanted to paint the horses with special horse paint.  I took the time to let this happen, to join them.

The girls and horses enjoyed every minute and I was caught up in the moment without a worry in the world, other than thinking I need to order different colors of horse paint. The pink just isn’t showing up on the red horses!


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