Enter Stage Right

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I am learning to avoid drama.  My whole life I have had a hard time with drama.  I like real.

I was the child at seven who drove my parents crazy at Disney World wondering why everything was fake.  Having grown up with an immense amount of drama around me even in my home as a child I just thought it was something I had to live with.  People making things up, people pretending to be sick to not have to do what they didn’t want to do, people wanting empathy for things that actually didn’t happen, people who created a whole lot of drama just to feel like life was exciting to them.

I was always an incredibly respectful, truthful, reliable and honest person who would rather hear the real deal than hear a made up story to try to cover up the real issue.  I was always great at hearing criticism that would help me move forward from someone who was very knowledgeable and who didn’t sugarcoat anything.  I wanted the truth so that I could better my life.  I never wanted to be that person asking for help but unable to listen to the real answers.  If I asked for help in changing something about me I wanted to hear it straight up so that I could deal with the issue.  I am still this way today.

I have learned that I have such an aversion to drama and I refuse to give it any energy.   Now it’s starting to just avoid me.  Drama is starting to really dislike being around me because there is nothing for it here.  There is nothing here that will feed it or tell it what it wants to hear.  I have finally created a life where I am almost drama free and this is huge for me.

It is very freeing to not have to be caught up in something I have such a strong aversion to.  Drama drags me down and it now knows that I want nothing to do with it.  I am proud of myself for being strong enough to stand up to it.  I have learned I need to be like a brick wall to drama because it will creep in wherever it can to try to snatch me up but I am officially done.  There is no space at all for drama to make my life messy.  I am confident after turning forty that I’ve had enough practice facing drama that I know exactly how to stand up to it.  I am doing it.  I am living a drama less life and I am loving it.

I only want real.

I don’t care if your real is terrifying, heartbreaking, or exhausting.   I want real people surrounding me and I want to hear your real story whatever that is.  Real people who are authentic, true to oneself and keep life simple.  We have enough to deal with in our short lives that we don’t need to add anything extra that isn’t even true to our days.  Real and true people only will surround me from now on including my friends, clients, family and employees.  I want those around me to feel comfortable being themselves and to resist the temptation to be fake.  I don’t want them to act like someone else.  I want them to tell the truth, to be honest and confess when they’ve made a mistake.  You will never get any less from me and now I only expect the same from others.

Keeping it real just feels right and I want to do the right thing.

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