Doing What I Love

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I am abundant in many forms.

Money always comes to mind first when thinking of abundance, but I do realize that without an abundance of health, I wouldn’t be able to work hard, which in turn, gives me the money to be able to do the things I love and make me happy.  I judge how abundant I am by how happy and content I am.

Without an abundance of endless and creative ideas, I would not be running the successful business I run today – that allows me to be abundant financially.

Without the abundance of growth in my life, I wouldn’t have had such profound and positive changes in me – that have allowed me to love me and treat me well so that I can enjoy and accept the feelings of abundance.

Without an abundance of knowledge in my life, I would not have had the courage to teach my own kids to swim, horseback ride, paddle, waterski – in order to save money for other things.

Without an abundance of kindness in my world, I would not be able to let others coach or teach my children, or care for my animals, so that I can go to work or go on a vacation.

Without an abundance of reasons to laugh, I would not be able to spend such a great amount of time trying to help others; I would burn out.  Being able to laugh often allows me to stay positive.

Without an abundance of happiness, I would not be able to constantly focus on positive thoughts – that of course bring an abundance of more happy thoughts.  All of these things allow me to live life to the fullest and to be happy doing what I love with my family.

An abundance of doing what I love, means I am abundant in all the areas where I need to be abundant.

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