Busy, Active, and Free

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I know when I am out of balance if I become super emotional.  When this happens I need to stop, go for a walk, go to bed earlier, or ride my horse and everything comes back in to focus.

Being so busy all the time, with a business that runs every day of the week, and children who are very active, I really need to be in tune with me.  I know right away when things are falling apart and when I’m overwhelmed.  I have run myself in to the ground before and so I know to pay close attention.

I love to be busy.  That’s just me.  I just needed to learn to be busy and balanced.  I can work an eighteen hour day as long as I can have an hour off for a trail ride in the bush or a half hour bath in the tub with a good book.  I have learned over the years what I need to do to cope with my crazy speed – and I need to be proactive about it.

I have also come to respect myself so much, that I want to take care of myself better before the burnout happens.  I’ve had to be creative in taking care of me with working such long hours.  I have also learned to make up for lost time.  I hate the idea of lost time in this short life so I make sure that if I have two busy months at work, I will not feel guilty about taking a short vacation, or feel guilty about spending extra money on a rare weekend away… ah or buy two more horses so that we can do more from home in between the work hours!

My dog boarding business is a job that I love, and this lifestyle allows me to be me – active and free. When I take good care of myself, busy is a welcomed side effect. It feels great.

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