Believing in Each Other Helps Us to Believe in Ourselves

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I am currently wanting support in forging ahead trying to move through something I have done in the past in a much different and easier way.

Since I am working diligently on balancing my work and play when I was asked frequently to start up dog obedience classes again I at first balked at doing just one more thing that takes time out of my day that I just don’t have more of.  Here I am trying to figure out ways to work less and play more and I am being asked to take more on.

Having taught these classes eleven years ago before I had children I knew how much time it took to organize at a venue that was rarely available and at a big cost.  Running a dog kennel and dog daycare I see a definite need for people wanting to be supported while being empowered to positively influence their dog’s behavior.  As busy as I am I find it necessary to offer my experience of working professionally with dogs for over fifteen years.

I want to help my community understand the importance of dogs being confident, well-socialized, and well-mannered family members.  The more people are comfortable with their well-balanced pets, the more people will have animals healing people in their homes.

I want to be supported as I change the way I run my obedience programs with ease so that I can benefit my community as well as have more time for me.  I am currently creating a separate fenced in area on my own property so that I don’t need to worry about renting a space.  I am teaching by myself this time as I find it easier to schedule one person, it’s more affordable,and I am fully capable of teaching fun, informative classes.  Being supportive of each other as we make positive change in new territory in itself will change the world.

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