And Now… Just Desserts! The Joy of Hardwork.

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Well call me crazy but I just realized something huge.  I am not working towards anything other than running my business more smoothly and efficiently.  I am here.  I am where I want to be.  If I died tomorrow I would die happy feeling like I lived a full life and did pretty much everything I wanted to do.  I traveled, I am raising super amazing children, my job is the job that I have wanted since I was a child, I have a great and supportive husband, I have done a ton of animal rescue and rehabilitation, I have two healthy and safe horses who are also some of my best friends, I have free run chickens which I have always wanted, I have a beautiful acreage with a year round creek, I have a successful business that allows me to be me and I am my own boss, I have a supportive family even though we are extremely different, I make enough money to allow my family to do what they want (well most of the time), I have the sweetest dog in the whole world who I will be able to use as a service dog to make people smile, I have the use of a family cottage in Manitoba that I go home to every summer with the whole family to just enjoy each other and spend time outdoors having fun and I have my health.  My life couldn’t really be much better to be honest.

My vision is to run my business which is open 24 hours a day 365 days a year more efficiently.  All I really need is more time.   I need quality employees who are as hard working and understanding of dogs as I am.  I need to be able to take time off with my family and trust that everything is running 100% at home.  There is no room for error with this job. We take care of people’s children so to speak.  I take it very serious and I need someone who gets that.  I need employees that are flexible.  There are days where we are extremely busy and days where we are not.  Being that we are a home based business these employees are right in our home eating at our kitchen table.  When we have a day off we share it with an employee.  I would like to either create a space for an employee to be in a separate area or only have to hire someone when we are away.  This means they must be flexible.  They also must have to work weekends and holidays as this is the only time I can spend time with my children when they are not in school.  We have run the business for many years without anyone else helping us.  I am having a hard time having employees in my space whether it be with my business which is my baby so to speak or in my home.  I am an extremely private person and have worked very hard to be where I am today.  I have a very hard time handing that over to someone else.  My vision is to be able to clearly put out what I am looking for in a person or two so that I can feel comfortable taking more time off and spending more time with my children.  Being that having employees is new to me I am unsure of what I really even need.  It is such a tough business to figure out in that sense.  We are open 24 hours a day so this year we took every Saturday and Sunday off.  With our employee working a 10 hour day we still work an 8 hour day on our days off.  Is it worth it to hire two people for one day?  Is it worth it to spend money on a garage with a suite in it so that our employee could live here and maybe have a place to stay so they could ideally be in charge for the whole 24 hours?  Is that even legal? Honestly this has been so tough for us that I am just writing and trying to come up with solutions or even understand what I need in order to move forward and fix the issue.  Isn’t that insane?  Most of my battle is not knowing what I actually need.  This week I am going to spend the week trying to actually figure out my vision because I actually don’t really know what that is.  I have made the best of my life and have everything I want in a job and family. This week my vision is to figure out how to ensure more time with those I love whether that be with my own animals or my children.

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