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I learned how to work through letting go.

My mother and I talked calmly about our uneasy history.

Two of my Elementary school friends that I haven’t seen in over fifteen years stopped in to say goodbye as we leave my family cottage for the last time.

My best friend Kim from High School came overnight to help me pack my mother up to move.

My son Karson slalom skied (on one ski)for the first time.

My daughter Kadie caught six fish and cooked us a Pickerel dinner after.

My dog Torque learned to jump off the dock stealing everyone’s water noodles and taking them in to shore.

We went for a beautiful evening boatride around the whole lake with my mom enjoying this beautiful piece of heaven that she has enjoyed for over fifty five years.

I found out all of our neighbors are planning a surprise party for mom tomorrow and she will be picked up by boat as we follow one behind the other around the lake. It makes it easier to leave these old family friends as we create more memories together.

I learned that we are very loved and will be missed greatly.


Gorgeous, Amber. I so love hearing about your time there. As always you create your own reality with your positivity and your exceptional attitude.

Congratulations to Kadie and Karson! My best friend growing up was a slalom water skier – that’s a feat! And pickerel for dinner… that’s a very special treat!

You are so loved. So loved. Have a wonderful time tomorrow night. Soak it in my friend!

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