It Feels So Great to Enrich Other People’s Lives

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I have been teaching in various capacities ever since I was a teenager and young adult. I have taught kids, teenagers, groups of women or of young adults, coworkers,…

I love to teach. There are several reasons for that: I love to have enlightening AHA moments when I understand a certain matter and it gives me joy to help others have those light bulb moments; I am good at it and enjoy that; I learn more about anything when I teach about it; it trains my inspiration and intuition cuz you can prepare as best you can, you’ll always have an unexpected moment when you teach; it’s one of the most fun ways for me to serve, probably cuz it comes so naturally to me, I feel like most often you leave on a higher vibe than you came in.


I love that you get so much out of enriching others lives!  Awesome!

I help other people achieve their goals.  I have helped a single mom buy her first home and get her business up and running.  I have helped a friend get her business name “out there”.  I have helped a girlfriend sort out her finances when both her parents died and buy a home and business.  I have driven 9 hours each way with a woman I hardly knew with my horse trailer to pick up her new horse for her.  I have boarded friends horses for them when they were going through a tough time.  I have paid vet bills for a few women going through a tough time who couldn’t afford it.  I have driven for four days across the country with a friend moving her dog and cat to Invermere from PEI.  I support other women in being the best they can be.  There is enough abundance for us all.  I support them in getting there and in return I am supported when I’m in need.

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