I’m Nora,  when I’m not working you can find me with my family; playing in the mountains, splashing in the water, and laughing at my own jokes.
I spent my 20’s studying Film at Concordia in Montreal, Business at College of the Rockies and laying down roots in Invermere BC where I raise my family and run my business Big Fish Creative.  Big Fish Creative started as fish that I painted almost 10 years ago.  When I was finished I sat back to look at it and said “this would make a great logo”.  I spent the next several years dreaming up my online advertising business. Now I specialize in Social Media Advertising, content development, photography and videography.
Above all else, I value my family, my health and my tribe.  I believe that we get out of life what we give and I enjoy working with like-minded individuals that are willing to put in the effort needed to see the results that are expected.
Dream a dream, make it a great dream and dream it greatly. -Pere Athol Murray Founder of Athol Murray College of Notre Dame 
Why Did You Join Consciously Woman?
I joined Consciously Woman to be part of a community, something bigger and to connect with like minded people. I joined for the guidance, validation and support of other women who are all connected online as a big web of individuals working together.
What is Your Vision?
My vision is to create a business that allows me to work from anywhere in the world (anywhere that has wifi that is) so that I can travel and support my family at the same time.
website: www.bigfishcreativemarketing.com